Graphic Designer

Working with creative agencies and businesses throughout London and the South East.

Graphic Design • Web • Identity • Illustration

"We brought Jack in to help with the design for the Virgin Media Shorts app for iPhone and iPad. Jack quickly helped us get the designs ready to show the client and helped guide the initial feature set. Working with Jack was great, and I hope to do so again in the very near future!"

− Ben Collier - Ocasta, making mobile apps for mobile phones

"We hired Jack as a freelance designer to work with us on a branding project for a large international development organisation. He was a great team player, both engaged but relaxed. He contributed many great ideas to the project, and his work was always interesting, creative and was delivered in a polished and professional manner with great attention to detail. I would recommend Jack as an experienced and professional designer."

− Jay Alvarez - Artist and Designer at Aptivate

"I worked with Jack while he was freelancing for Charanga Ltd. He immediately slotted straight into the team, and was up to speed on our fairly complicated product line in no time. He is approachable, friendly and brings an excellent creative element to the table. He's not afraid to bring his own measured and experienced opinion to decision making, which can provide a valuable external perspective when it comes to design decisions. Any difficulties and vagaries of the brief were met with a cheerful positive attitude, and Jack had no problem adapting to rapid changes in requirements or expected outcomes. ""

− Jonny Martyr - Digital Design & UX

"It was great working with Jack as he was creative, asked lots of purposeful questions to understand the brief, and delivered the work to our very detailed specifications. He was flexible and enthusiastic, and it was a pleasure working with him. I'd recommend Jack to any business looking to hire a creative and contentious freelance designer."

− Jamila MacLean Homburg - Inbound Marketing Producer at Kula Partners

"I asked Jack to help design and develop Henderson Kite's latest website. I was after someone who was flexible and able to quickly adapt to a brief that changed fairly regularly. Jack was great at listening and understanding what I was trying to achieve and ultimately delivering a great site."

− Jeremy Hill - Owner at Henderson Kite

"I have hired Jack on two occasions now and plan to use his skills again when I next get the chance. He is a great designer and always makes sure the end result is to the highest standard. It's always worrying using someone new, but after a conversation with Jack I felt much more at ease and everything has been very straight forward. Finding a creative is easy, finding one you can rely on who works to agency standards is difficult. Thanks Jack and I'm sure we'll be working together on another project soon."

− Alex Read - Owner at Bamb

"Jack parachuted in to Charanga to take over graphic design duties and did an exceptional job. He bonded with the team immediately, took initiative with projects and produced extremely high quality work. I would recommend Jack on every level ... and he even joined us on guitar in the work's Christmas band!"

− Geoff Drummond - Technical Project Manager at Epic Learning